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Teaching Math Using Whiteboards

As a math teacher, your classroom whiteboard is an essential accessory in your educator’s toolkit. Seeing a problem worked in real-time is an incredible benefit for students, especially visual learners. Using a whiteboard is a more hands-on way to explain concepts involving graphs, shapes, and other drawings.

More and more teachers are adding individual student whiteboards to their classrooms. They allow students to try problems on their own, without the need for worksheets or extra paper. Math teachers love whiteboards, and their students do as well.

Invest in Gridded Dry Erase Boards – What’s better than standard classroom whiteboard sets? Gridded whiteboard sets. Grids make everything easier, whether your students are plotting graphs, drawing shapes, or organizing data.

Hold Class Quiz Games – It’s easy to make learning fun when students can compete for prizes and recognition. Pose a problem, and then let students work it out on their whiteboards. They can then flip them around for feedback and explanations.

Never Invest in Scrap Paper Again – With a whiteboard handy, you’ll never have to keep a supply of scrap paper for tests and quizzes. Students can quickly write and erase on their own personal whiteboards. Plus, they are easy on the environment.

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