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Unique Ways to Use a Dry Erase Board in the Classroom

Kids respond better to unique teaching strategies. This is the reason why teachers are always looking for new ways to present information. If you’ve been searching for a novel approach to getting kids excited about lessons, it’s well worth your time to experiment with dry erase boards, including both wall boards and student sets.

The board that’s right for your classroom depends on the subject you teach, as well as your teaching style. A lined dry erase board is an excellent choice for handwriting practice, while gridded dry erase boards are convenient in mathematics. There are so many different options available it’s easy to find boards for every area of study.

To get you started, here are a few unique ways to use your dry erase board in your day-to-day class routine:

Commonly Asked Questions – Are you tired of getting the same questions from students over and over? Take notes on those that crop up most often, or ask students what they would like you to write on the board for everyone’s benefit.

Weekly/Daily Themes & Concepts – It’s easy to ensure your classes remain focused on unit topics when you write them on your dry erase board. You can even add new ideas as you discuss them in class.

Comprehension Checks – Keep your students on their toes with regular pop-quizzes they’ll see when they walk into your classroom. A lined dry erase board makes it easy to organize pop quizzes and short answer problems.

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