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Find the right whiteboards for your classroom when you shop with The Markerboard People. Whether you are looking for individual selections for each student in the classroom or are in need of specialty selections for your wall, you can rest assured that our business will provide you with high-end options that are made to last.


For more than 40 years, our business has been making sure educators across the country are able to purchase high quality dry erase boards, markers and accessories that last. We always make our products with the best materials available, which means we sell boards that will never stain. Teachers love shopping with us because they know we sell a vast array of options at prices that will not break the bank. Our company produces our boards in Lansing, MI, and ships them directly from the factory to schools, cutting the middleman from the process.


Are you ready to make the investment in our whiteboards? You can shop with us today and see why so many people love using our products. For your peace of mind our company will not be undersold.  If you see a comparable product in the store let us know. We will meet or beat their prices.

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