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  • Why Size Matters for your student whiteboards

    Why size matters When picking out what size whiteboard to purchase does size really matter?  The answer is Yes.  Our 11” x 16” boards are the perf...
  • How Dry Erase boards Can Improve Handwriting

    Are you a teacher or a parent looking for a way to help your children improve their handwriting? Being able to write legibly is an essential skill...
  • Teaching Math Using Whiteboards

    As a math teacher, your classroom whiteboard is an essential accessory in your educator’s toolkit. Seeing a problem worked in real-time is an incre...
  • Unique Ways to Use a Dry Erase Board in the Classroom

    Kids respond better to unique teaching strategies. This is the reason why teachers are always looking for new ways to present information. If you’v...
  • Three Reasons to Purchase Our Dry Erase Boards

    Have you considered buying dry erase boards for your classroom? Here are three simple ways using our boards can change the way you teach:
  • Welcome to the Markerboard People Blog

    Add the right whiteboards for your classroom or office here.