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Most people sell semi porous surfaces as white boards. Semi porous surfaces will permanently stain over time. Our whiteboards are REAL NON-POROUS dry erase boards. Our surfaces are guaranteed in writing to never permanently stain. Doesn't this sound better?

The Markerboard People

There are many places you can purchase whiteboards but there is a difference. We only sell REAL dry erase boards. They all have a non-porous surface. Others sell semi-porous surfaces that they call dry erase. A semi-porous surface will permanently stain over time. So the choice is yours. Get semi-porous products that will permanently stain (many of you in education know what we are talking about) or you can purchase directly from The Markerboard People and get real non-porous dry erase boards.

Quality Whiteboard Company

A whiteboard company that understands that both teachers and students respond better when they are using our amazing markerboard surface. With more than 40 years of experience in making these boards, we have been able to constantly improve them to even further enhance the experience for both students and teachers. We are the sole source and sell factory direct so just reach out to us when you want to make learning and presenting fun with our boards.

Superior Response Boards

Made from solid wood products, our whiteboards are strong and durable. They’re also “green”, containing up to 82% recycled content. To make sure they are safe for your classroom we have rounded off all of the edges and corners. Additionally, we are the sole source for our student dry erase response boards and lap boards. That means we are the only place where you can purchase our superior, affordable, and economic student boards, erasers, and low-odor dry erase markers!

There are many different lower quality small white boards and “pretend” dry erase boards available on the market, but ours are the only ones that are “goof-proof.” What does that mean? It means that even if the wrong marker is accidentally used to write on one of our boards it can still be cleaned off. Even better, our non-toxic and low odor dry erase markers help you say goodbye forever to those toxic, smelly markers that usually come with write and wipe boards.

Think you have found a better deal elsewhere? Let us know! We will not be undersold and will meet or beat the price of any comparable items. Furthermore, we routinely shop the competition to ensure we are always delivering the lowest price even before you come to us.


Connects Teachers to Students on a One-on-One Basis

Multiplies Student Participation & Response

Facilitates the Direct Involvement & Participation of the Entire Class

Great Tool for Checking for Understanding

Corrections Easily Made & Rechecked

Provides Feedback to Both Teacher & Student

Improved Student Performance

Enhances Writing & Thinking Skills

Shared Correction of Common Mistakes

Motivates & Refines the Art of Posing Questions for Student Response

Motivates & Pressures Disengaged Students to Get Involved

Least Threatening Participation for Shy or Insecure Students

Amazing Positive Group Dynamics that Encourage & Support Learning