Dear Intern: Dry Mistakes

The lessons we learned from the #DearIntern Moment, and why every educator should take note.

You may have heard about the HBO Max intern who mistakenly sent out a test email to a vast number of subscribers. It was a simple mistake — one that many of us can relate to in some form or another. However, what followed was a flood of support, understanding, and tales of similar blunders under the hashtag #DearIntern.

This got us thinking at Dry Erase — aren't teachers and educators in the unique position of witnessing and, more importantly, correcting mistakes daily? But how often do they get the same kind of understanding and support when they fumble?

CGI Model of a Frog Teacher standing in front of a whiteboard

Chalk and Eraser Moments

Every teacher has had their "chalk and eraser" or as we like to call them "dry mistake" moments. Maybe it's writing an incorrect date on the board, messing up a student's name, or even planning a lesson that doesn't go as intended. But these instances shouldn't be viewed as failures. Instead, they are essential learning experiences, pivotal for both educators and students.

Using our beloved Dry Erase boards as an analogy: just as you can wipe off a mistake and start fresh on a whiteboard, mistakes in the educational journey can be corrected, and they often lead to better outcomes in the future. Embracing this mindset not only nurtures growth but also strengthens resilience.

The Power of Empathy and Support

The overwhelming support the HBO intern received wasn't just because many have made similar errors but because we recognize the courage it takes to move past them. Educators are no strangers to this concept. Daily, they foster environments where students feel safe making mistakes and learning from them.

However, it's essential that teachers also allow themselves that same grace. When educators support one another through their "marker and dry erase" moments, it creates a robust, nurturing community where learning and growth flourish.

A Call to Action for the Educational Community

To the educational community, the next time you witness a fellow educator in their "dry mistake" moment, remember the #DearIntern incident. Extend kindness, share your own blunders, and remind them that every mistake is just another step in the learning journey.

And to Dry Erase educators everywhere: keep marking, keep erasing, keep teaching. Every stroke and every correction is a testament to the continuous journey of growth, understanding, and improvement.

Stain Resistant WhiteBoards

It's because of the dry mistakes, and blunders we all make, that we have spent so much time making our boards goof proof. From sharpies, to rulers, we have seen all kinds of classroom materials face off against our boards. With our special surface coating which makes the boards non-porous and harder, we have seen our boards outlast many teachers and students.