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Whiteboards + Handwriting

Handwritting Board


Are you a teacher or a parent looking for a way to help a student improve their handwriting?

Being able to write legibly is an essential skill, but it is also one that we are quickly unlearning with the reliance on electronic communication. That can mean hard times when you need to go back to some old-fashioned handwriting to get your point across.



So what can a teacher do to try and improve the handwriting of their student?

A great idea is to invest in our handwriting whiteboards. These dry erase boards give the student the structure they need to work on the form of their handwriting so that they can easily present their thoughts on one of our whiteboards in class.

When it comes to handwriting practice, it is essential to remember that you are going to want to get a handwriting whiteboard for your class to ensure they are keeping their letters even and writing at the right size. As they write on the board, they will begin to develop the muscle memory skills necessary to not only write attractively and legibly on boards without lines but also on paper. Take a look at the selections we have to offer and place an order online today.



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