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The Whiteboard and Dry Erase Markers You Need


What is a whiteboard without working markers? We sell whiteboard and dry erase markers as a classroom set or individually, ensuring that you get the exact package you need. We also sell erasers and other accessories to enhance the way you use your boards and teach your students.

The best way to ensure that your whiteboard stands the test of time is to use our high-quality markers that are specifically designed for use with our boards. Without the right tools, you’ll notice the quality of your whiteboard will degrade quicker than they should. The dry erase markers we sell are tried and tested, ensuring that they’ll work flawlessly with your existing boards. The markers come with crush proof tips which means the tips wont collapse into the marker when the kids are rough on them.  They are ASTM D 4236 Certified Non-Toxic and ultra-low odor so they can be used in the classrooms with your windows closed. 

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  • Student Dry Erase Markers - MTM
  • ACCESSORY KIT - Markers and Erasers w/ Storage Bag - AK - As low as $1 per student
  • Student Erasers - ER
  • Chisel Tip Dry Erase Markers for Teachers - TM
  • VELCRO DOT SETS Self Adhesive item # AC165
  • MARKER HOLDER - Clip On or Self Adhesive for student dry erase marker - AC163
  • DISPLAY STANDS for our Dry Erase Boards - AC164
  • TEACHER'S ERASER item # ME111
  • EXPO NEON Dry Erase Markers item # ME138
  • BRIGHT STICKS item # ME128