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11" x 16" Graphboard - Marker & Eraser Combo Kit

Original price $10.95 - Original price $300.00
Original price
$10.95 - $300.00
Current price $225.00
Classroom Size: 30 Students
Marker Color: Purple
SKU GC1116-2x

 Graphboard with non-porous surfaces. The double-sided board is the tool for educators, with a lined front and a blank white dry erase back, ensuring versatility in teaching approaches.

The 20 x 20 grid accented every 5 lines, alongside dedicated side space, allows students to integrate standard and coordinate grids, learn slopes, parabolas, bar graphs, and even multiple mini graphs simultaneously.

The 1/2-inch squares on this WonderBoard graphboard assure precision in every graph created. Crafted with a solid wood thickness of 1/8 inch, this board is the quintessential asset for Algebra I classes, epitomizing durability and utility.

11" x 15.75" x 1/8" 12oz each. Classroom Combo Kits include erasers and markers.

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