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Rulerboard - Marker & Eraser Combo Kit

Original price $10.95 - Original price $300.00
Original price
$10.95 - $300.00
Current price $225.00
Classroom Size: 30 Students
Marker Color: Purple
SKU RC1116-2x

Rulerboard with non-porous surfaces. Double-sided for versatility, the front has lined guides, perfect for practicing handwriting or creating neat math columns, the back is a blank white dry erase surface ready for creative lessons and ideas. Crafted from solid wood, this 1/8" thick board exudes unbeatable quality, backed by Markerboard People's commitment to excellence.

- Dual Rulers: It boasts two rulers, one in inches and another in centimeters, making it an excellent companion for math and science activities.
- Decimal Point Mastery: This response board comes with place values and a prominent decimal point, allowing students to tackle more complex math problems with ease.
- Number Line: Enhance numerical understanding with the built-in number line along the bottom edge.
- Safety and Durability: Rounded edges and corners ensure a safe and long-lasting classroom experience.

11" x 15.75" x 1/8" 12oz. Classroom Combo Kits include erasers and markers.

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