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COVID Information

With all the uncertainty in regards to the upcoming school year, being flexible and able to pivot easily are essential. The Markerboard People is here to serve you whether you will be doing in person learning or teaching remotely.  Our dry erase board combo packs offer each student their own board, marker and eraser which can stay in the classroom or travel home with them if necessary.  The boards can be easily cleaned/disinfected with dry erase board cleaner or non acetone finger nail polish remover.  If you have any questions please contact us at or 800-DRY-ERASE (379-3727).  


Blank Unlined Student Whiteboards

Small Group Modeling Boards/Remote Learning Teacher Boards

Student Sets/Combo Packs

Bargain Bin Boards/Economy Boards

Ala Carte

Magnetic Boards

Wall Mounted Boards