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Giving Thanks, 2023

DryErase: Is giving away over $1,000+ in Visa gift cards & a set of DryErase classroom boards to teachers!

Thanksgiving, once centered on gratitude, has witnessed a growing influence of consumerism. At DryErase, we are committed to charting a distinct course this year. Instead of yielding to the prevalent consumeristic trends that overshadow the essence of the holiday, we aspire to pause and sincerely express our gratitude towards teachers everywhere.

To kick off the upcoming two weeks, we aim to celebrate the exceptional efforts of dedicated teachers preparing for the holidays. If there's a teacher (or colleague) whom you admire and deem deserving of a special gift and recognition from DryErase, kindly share their name and teaching location through the email form provided below.

Feel free to convey your appreciation for the nominated teacher through a note of appreciation, a social media post using the #givingthanks hashtag, or an email. Include details about who this teacher is, their teaching location, and a couple of reasons highlighting why you hold them in high regard as an educator.

DryErase (The Markerboard & Teacher People)

Unlock an exclusive 10% discount by utilizing the provided link to nominate a teacher deserving of one of five $250 Visa gift cards and a classroom set of DryErase boards in their preferred size—either 24 x 36" or 11 x 16". This is our way of expressing gratitude to the exceptional educators who make a significant impact!

 The Submission period is closed,
thank you to all that gave thanks!!

In December, following the submission period, we will distribute gifts to a carefully chosen group of teachers! We are eagerly anticipating the opportunity to review all the submissions and look forward to celebrating these inspirational educators with a holiday season Visa gift card.