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Student Whiteboard Combo Packs factory direct - The Markerboard People

Premium Dry Erase Boards

The Markerboard People is devoted to ensuring that educators throughout the nation have access to high-quality, 82% recycled-material dry erase boards. Our combo packs make it easier and more affordable than ever to get whiteboards for your entire classroom. Each classroom set of whiteboards comes with enough markers and erasers for every student in your class, ensuring you have a student response system for your entire class.

We are among the only whiteboard manufacturers in the country that offer free shipping on all of our products, which helps to give more teachers better access to our educational resources. Reach out to us today for more information on our whiteboards and how you can get a set in your classroom. We are proud to ship our products to schools and businesses nationwide and around the world. 

 Double Sided with Non Porous Whiteboard Surfaces


Each Marker is guaranteed to write as long as two Expo chisel tip markers and the Erasers are “virtually indestructible”.


    • Our whiteboards are made using up to 82% recycled materials
    • Our graphics are permanently etched and locked into the surface.  

    • Goof-Proof , even permanent markers don’t scare our whiteboards.

    • Size Matters- teachers can clearly see student responses on our 11” x 16” boards ...One of the things frequently overlooked when schools are looking to purchase student white boards is the board’s size. Think about it… When students complete a worksheet do they hold the finished worksheet up for the teacher to see? NO... because the worksheet is too small. The teacher can’t read their answers from the front of the room, yet most student whiteboards are about the same size. Our response boards are about the size of an OPENED textbook…. Now when students hold our boards up the teacher can instantly see all their answers. School Districts using our system know you can accomplish so much more when you use our full size response boards over using smaller undersized boards.

    • We only sell factory direct to you from our Michigan factory. No middlemen.

    • We don’t want to over promise. Our surface can be scratched but with reasonable care, our whiteboards are designed to last for years in daily classroom use.

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