A New Year & A New Look

As we embark on a new year, The Markerboard People that you know and love is going through some great changes! The same people and company that you have trusted with 40 years in business, is putting on some new paint! You may have noticed subtle changes to our logos, typography, and colors and we will continue to bring new improvements throughout the year.

...featuring our classroom heroes...

We want to put the focus where it belongs: on the teachers! We will be featuring classrooms and teachers with every newsletter. We would love to hear from you and give you the recognition you deserve!

... with the same weekly specials!

Our brand is committed to giving teachers the support and resources they need. We will continue featuring weekly whiteboard specials, with each newsletter and blog post!

Thank you, teachers!

Each week, we are going to feature educators that we are thankful for. This week, we are giving thanks to Mrs. Malseed, who was nominated in our giving thanks campaign with the following remark:

Mrs Malseed is fantastic! She loves every student as if they were her own child! She makes learning fun for her students and is kind and compassionate. She will give up her own time and resources for her class and every individual kiddo in her class. She often gives of herself for other staff and even students not in her class. She is the epitome of what a teacher should be!

A Very Merry Classroom

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We love the lengths teachers will go to in decorating and making their classrooms immersive and fun for students! This teacher went all-out decorating their classroom to make it fun and festive!

Did you decorate or dress up for the holidays?

We would love to see pictures or videos of your classroom or style through the holidays! Feel free to respond to our email and share some photos and we might just feature you in our next newsletter and blog!

We love markerboard and chalk art!


Whiteboard and chalk art embody a unique and compelling facet of artistic expression due to their ephemeral nature. These mediums, often seen as tools for education and business presentations, have transcended their utilitarian origins to become platforms for spontaneous and transient art. Whiteboard art, with its sleek, glossy surface, offers artists a smooth canvas on which to create using erasable markers. This medium is characterized by its vibrant colors and the ease with which artists can modify their work. Unlike traditional canvases, the whiteboard's temporary nature encourages a freedom and fluidity in artistic creation, as artists are aware that their work can be erased and replaced at any moment. This impermanence adds an element of preciousness to each creation, as it exists only for a fleeting period.

Chalk art, on the other hand, takes this concept of ephemerality to the outdoors, often adorning sidewalks and blackboards. The rough texture of chalk and the coarseness of concrete or slate create a distinct aesthetic that is both rustic and engaging. Artists working with chalk have a limited color palette compared to whiteboard markers, but this limitation often breeds creativity, as they blend and layer colors to create depth and texture. The very nature of chalk art means it is subject to the whims of the environment, with elements like rain and foot traffic contributing to the artwork's transient existence. This vulnerability to external factors highlights the beauty and resilience of the art form, as each piece becomes a temporal celebration of creativity, destined to be enjoyed in the moment and remembered as a fleeting visual experience. The ephemeral nature of both whiteboard and chalk art challenges traditional notions of art as a permanent fixture, making them unique and captivating forms of expression in the modern world.

Feeling Inspired

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This marker art from @limbatrip makes us want to try this with our Dry Erase boards! The music is tasteful and the artwork just gets better and better as you watch!

We would love to see student artwork! Shoot us an email at josh@dryerase.com reply so that we can feature some of your favorite artwork by students! The next Pablo Picasso might be in your very classroom! How cool would it be to see again through the lends of our youth?! Their imaginations are magical!